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Zayed Higher Organization is keen to interact with customers through website and social media in a respectful and professional manner that achieves their satisfaction and exceeds their expectations.

First: our commitment towards you

  1. We will deal with you with respect, care and gaiety.
  2. We will communicate with you through a team having knowledge to reply to your enquiries.
  3. Reply to all your enquiries on time.
  4. We will ensure to you accurate information and proper service.
  5. We will communicate with you through the channels and website as much as possible.
  6. We will welcome your opinions, suggestions to associate with you in our services development.

Second: what we want from you upon communication 

  1. To appreciate our employees efforts and deal with them with mutual respect.
  2. Not to raise or discuss personal issues.
  3. To comply with the public morals and official instructions.
  4. Not to raise any comment that includes inappropriate language or violates privacy of others or insulting them or involves discrimination.
  5. Not to raise any comment that breaches security or being illegal.
  6. Not to share comments those violate any legal rights or Intellectual property rights.​