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A Delegation from Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care visits “Al-Karama Oasis”


A delegation from the Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs visited “Al Karama Oasis” in Abu Dhabi, which was built to commemorate the righteous martyrs of the UAE. It consists of the field of pride, Monument of Martyr and the Wing of Honor, which includes boards bearing the names of martyrs.

The delegation was headed by Abdulla Abdul ‘Aali Al-Humaidan, Acting Secretary-General, who was accompanied by a number of directors of ZHO’s care and rehabilitation centers, heads of departments at the General Secretariat and a number of employees from ZHO’s care centers.

The delegation toured the Karama Oasis and listened to a detailed explanation of the "Al Karama Oasis" and its symbolism for the sacrifices and championships of the Emirati soldiers and officers who sacrificed their lives for the sake of UAE. The tour began from the lake located in the middle of the oasis, passing the Martyr Momentum, formed of 31 large boards that are based on each other as a symbol for unity, cohesion between the people of the UAE community and their leadership and also as a symbol to the strength, courage and resilience that characterize the UAE people.

The members of the visiting delegation stopped at the metal plate on which UAE Armed Forces Loyalty Vow was engraved. The delegation also visited the Honor Pavilion, which includes panels inscribed with verses from the Holy Quran and the names of the courageous UAE martyrs, with information about each martyr. The delegation supplicated Allah that He may cover-up the martyrs in His all-embracing mercy and dwell them (at the Hereafter world) among the righteous and men of truth.

The Zayed Organization delegation members expressed their appreciation and pride for the sacrifices of UAE martyrs and brave soldiers in the fields of right, duty and humanitarian work, stressing that this oasis symbolizes a very important moral value to the UAE and its people. Actually, it reflects the spirit of sacrifice for the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our beloved country.

For his part, Abdullah Abd ‘Aali Al-Humaidan said: "As we stand with all the respect and glorification in front of this Momentum, which symbolizes the sacrifices of our righteous martyrs, we renew the loyalty vow to the country and our wise leadership. We emphasize our perseveration for the sacrifice approach and vow to sacrifice all that precious for keeping the banner of UAE flying high in the sky with all the pride and glory.

He added that the visit of this Momentum deepens the sense of national unity in our hearts and affirms our standing in one parade behind our wise leadership in defense of our national, civilizational and human values. He pointed out that the pure blood of the martyrs has laid the most glorious and sincere sacrifices. The Martyrs’ sacrifices honored UAE, maximized its glory and made it as a bright star lighting the glory path for nations. Such sacrifices gave pride to our people among nations around the globe. The martyrs will stand as an eternal chapter of our proud and cherished history to be narrated to our children, grandchildren and coming generations.