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​​Open data are the data published by ZHO to the public for the purpose of enabling the public to use such data freely and to also reuse and publish them, taking into account the requirements of legal licenses such as the preservation of rights. This includes many types of data such as statistics, reports, and other data that benefit the community > For example:

  • Therapeutic / educational programs
  • Disabilities​
  • Total number of students at each center
  • Statistics of the website's visitors

​​Open data are characterized by the following features:

  • Full availability, accessibility, downloadable and customizable according to the user’s needs.
  • Reusable, redistributable, and machine readable.
  • Sharable on a global level so that everyone, without exception, cam use and redistribute such data so that there is no restriction on a particular field, including commercial reuse and distribution.

The user must mention the source when using the data and avoid misrepresentation of data.​