Participations that contain one or more of the following features or content shall be rejected and removed.

The ZHO reserves the right not to give reasons or justifications for such action:

  1. Topics or discussions that are prejudicial to state security, sovereignty, national unity and compromise our national interests.
  2. Any contributions or issues which could stimulate sectarianism, or contain insinuations of racial or cultural discrimination.
  3. Articles and contributions that contain candid or implied insinuations or gestures to public indecencies or lewdness.
  4. Incitement, defamation, libel, insults against leaders, national figures or issues touching personal life
  5. Insults against religions, holy rituals; articles and issues that provoke sectarian differences
  6. Any classified (confidential) information, which could harm our national institutions.
  7. Personal use of E-Participation tools for commercial or marketing purposes
  8. Issues and contributions that oppose the laws and customs, or socially unacceptable
  9. Any information disclosed on MOI website is not to be shared either directly or indirectly in writing, which affects information confidentiality


The ZHO reserve it right not to state the reasons for this procedure.

Page Last Update: 30 December 2022
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