Seeking to more and more channels of communication with our customers through which to offer specialized and distinguished services that win your satisfaction and realize your expectations, we maintain the following

  • Commitment to deliver our services within a cooperative teamwork.
  • Addressing any problems that occur to delivered services and working it out within the scope of specialization and in specified time.
  • Corresponding to all your inquiries and handling it in due time.
  • Dealing in a respectful, amicable and friendly manner.
  • Maintaining transparent and fair treatment.
  • Working to as much as possible deliver services at the times and through the channels that suit you.
  • Investing therapeutic, training, educational and qualification services in the interest of beneficiaries.
  • Securing the requirements of every services and its delivery timelines.
  • Providing environmental facilities, utilities and amenities to deliver the service in a excellent manner.
  • Commitment to deliver excellent, high quality services.

For the purpose of delivering specialized services in the field of disability, we hope that you maintain the following

  • Appraise the reports of our employees and observe mutual respect and appreciation.
  • Provide all necessary documents and papers for swift delivery of our services.
  • Notifying us as soon as possible of any mistakes that occur to the services.
  • Adherence to social systems and directives.
  • Observance of accuracy and objectivity in providing information.
  • Notifying us of any changes to personal information and medical reports.
  • Offering suggestions so that we can develop and enhance services.
  • Cooperatively responding to the inquiries of customer services employees in a manner that allows them to deliver excellent services to you.
  • Keeping up the timeline for therapeutic and educational sessions.
  • Commitment to attending periodic and emergent meetings.

Working hours : 8:00am-3:00pm
Telephone number : 023056666

Page Last Update: 23 January 2023
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